Project Description: HCB needed a way to accept job applications online in a secure way. As well as post new available positions.
Work Performed: I created a secure multipage job application form to allow the applicants to securely apply for a job. For the administration side I created a password protected form to allow us to manage the applications submitted. The administration form also allowed the Human Resources department to post new job openings.
Project Description: HCB needed a simple way for users to be able to order supplies from a pre-existing database of office supplies.
Work Performed: I created a searchable catalog and shopping cart and ordering system for the employees on the company's internal website.
Project Description: HCB needed to be able to simultaneously and automatically generate PDF documents with unique information from a database and then email the PDF to the appropriate user. After the email was sent user responses had to be tracked.
Work Performed: I created an web based administration panel that allowed the administator to automatically generate and email the PDF documents as well as track user responces.
Project Description: HCB switched their 3rd party online banking partner. And needed a way to automate the uploading financial data to the 3rd party.
Work Performed:I created a fully automated script in utilizing PHP, and Batch files in order to download the information from our server, extract certain information, zip the files and then upload them.
Project Description: Pioneer Design's asked me to create a photo ordering system integrated with PayPal for
Work Performed:
Project Description: Pioneer Design's asked me to create an administrative panel form for in order to easily approve users to use the website.
Work Performed:
Project Description:Martens Law Firm needed a website to advertise their services to the Visalia CA area.
Work Performed: I designed and created the website with a CMS in the background so that they can manage their own content.